The Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation
The Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation

The Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation

The Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation is the charitable arm of the Texas Podiatric Medical Association representing 600 podiatric physician offices. The TPMF believes in reaching out to the community. Several programs have been developed to educate and assist those in need of proper foot health care. Those programs include:

  • Medical Missions         Click here to view June 2010 Mission Video
  • Shoe Drives
  • Indigent Care Programs
  • Medical Spanish and Localized Education Courses
  • Post Graduate Residency mission grants
    for DPM Residents
  • Support and networking of Texas podiatric residency training programs

To recommend new projects or support current projects, contact the TPMF office.

The Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation held their annual residency program fundraiser April 10-12 at the Mayan Ranch in Bandera, Tx. This meeting was started over 30 years ago by Dr. Louis Bogy. The Foundation sponsors residents to attend and they compete by presenting cases and audience asks questions and votes. This year 40 doctors attended and Dr. Larry Harkless was guest speaker. Thank you to BAKO, Dr. Comfort, Stryker & Tetra for their annual sponsorship. This year the winners were a 4-way tie because the cases were all well presented and interesting. Congratulations to the 2015 winners:

  • Dr. Doug Hansen - Kingwood-Houston, TX (Director: Dr. Jorge Matuk/ Dr. Sam Mendicino)
  • Dr. Ashley Diamond - UTHSC-San Antonio, TX (Director: Dr. Michael Palladino)
  • Dr. Britton Plemmons - Baylor/Scott & White-Temple, TX (Director: Dr. Doug Murdoch)
  • Dr. Brandon Lampe & Dr. Binoy Sheth - Hunt Regional-Greenville, TX (Director: Dr. Steve Brancheau)

  • The Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation

    from left to right: Hansen, Diamond, Lampe, Sheth (front), Plemmons

    The Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation

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    PodiatryNetwork offers the Active Ankle Dorsal Night Splint at a special rate. In addition, they donate $2 of each sale to the TPMF.

    To order contact:
    or 281-218-6286

    Texas Podiatric
    Medical Foundation

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    Daren Guertin, DPM
    Laura Woodcox, DPM
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    Don Falknor, DPM
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    Maria Buitrago, DPM
    Kirk Koepsel, DPM
    K. Kyle Ballew, DPM
    Damien Dauphinee, DPM
    Javier LaFontaine, DPM,
    Steven Brancheau, DPM
    Karry Ann Shebetka, DPM
    James Kutchback, DPM
    Michael Mineo, DPM
    Lawrence MacTavish, DPM
    Tu Dao, DPM
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    Cory Brown, DPM
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    SF Hartley, DPM
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